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From Simon Hildrew <simon.hild...@theguardian.com>
Subject Re: Security group listing on nova slow
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2014 18:09:03 GMT
Hi Andrew,

On 31 January 2014 17:18, Andrew Phillips <andrewp@apache.org> wrote:
> The wire and header logging (if you haven't already enabled that) might
> help your investigations here. It'll add overhead too, of course, but that
> should be reasonably constant [1].
> As regards the code, NovaSecurityGroupExtension is where you'll want to
> start looking. It might be interesting to break out your call into separate
> listSecurityGroupsInLocation [3] calls to see if that helps narrow down the
> cause...
> Hope that helps!

That's a great help - although I note that the details on how to enable
logging are wrong for 1.7.0 (the organisation name should be

I've been enabling logging and digging through the source code today and
haven't been able to shed any further light on the issue. I've now made a
standalone scala app that displays the same characteristics (ruling out
anything to do with the thread pool in Akka - from which I'm calling the

Making a call to listSecurityGroupsInLocation and passing in the single
zone I'm interested in has made no difference - it is still making the
underlying call to the API many many times before the jclouds API call
returns. It is always exactly 92 calls to the underlying API, although I've
not managed to work out why - it doesn't seem to relate to the number of
security groups or rules in security groups.

Despite several hours work, I have not managed to get as far as I would
have liked - there is not enough logging to pinpoint which bit of code is
making the multiple requests.

I notice that it is the NovaAsyncApi that seems to be in use (despite being
deprecated) - possibly my ContextServiceBuilder is wrong? Despite the
number of calls being deterministic, I am wondering if the async code could
be causing some sort of timing issue. Is there a way I can make it use the
synchronous API?

I'm happy to try using later snapshots if that has re-worked any of the
relevant code.

Any further thoughts welcome - thanks for reading,


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