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From Shital Patil <shital.pa...@gslab.com>
Subject Re: Create virtual data center
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2014 08:37:35 GMT
Hi Ignasi,

Thank you  for reply.

On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 10:52 PM, Ignasi Barrera

> Hi Shital,
> Regarding the node provisioning and monitoring, you can do both using the
> ComputeService. It peovides common compute features and it can be used to
> write code that works against different cloud providers.
> Unfortunately jclouds still does not provide portable tenant/networking
> management APIs. Not all providers provide multi-tenancy (or just tenant
> management apis) and networking management, so there is no portable way to
> do this across different clouds using jclouds.
> You can, however, write your code using the provider specific apis (like
> the Abiquo one). In OpenStack you can use the Keystone api to manage
> tenants and the Nova api to manage networking (the openstack experts may
> give more light here; I don't remember if there is also support for
> Neutron). In the case of Amazon, you can use its SubnetApi.
> Ignasi
> El 20/02/2014 06:45, "Shital Patil" <shital.patil@gslab.com> escribió:
> Hi,
>> I am looking for a way to create virtual data center on amazon and
>> openstack using jclouds..
>> Where I should be able to do following things through jclouds-
>> 1-Manage and monitor virtual machines.
>> 2-Handle their networking through jclouds.
>> 3-Dynamically provision nodes.
>> 4- Have multi-tanent environment.
>> I can see data center and multi-tenancy management is offered through
>> jclouds by ABIQUO API
>> http://jclouds.apache.org/documentation/userguide/using-abiquo/
>> But I want to do this  with amazon and openstack.
>> Could you please provide me some pointers to proceed on this?
>> Thank you

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