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From Jeremy Daggett <jeremy.dagg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Using Floating IPs
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2014 22:34:50 GMT
Hi Radek,

Based on the latest OpenStack Compute Floating IP docs [1],  it looks like
the "pool" field was added in the response since we originally created this
extension. The current implementation is based on an earlier version of
Floating IPs [2].

The Floating IP Extension API allows you to "allocateFromPool" [3], but
then there is no way to know what pool it is in since the "pool" field is
missing from the FloatingIP object. The good news is that this field should
be fairly simple to add.

Back to your immediate questions:

- list() returns all already allocated fl. IPs, not pools, right?

Looking at the API, the list() will return any allocated IPs, regardless of
pool. There is just no way to know since the "pool" field isn't there.

> - get(String id) accepts an IP addr. as a String?

Yes, the IP address is a String ID.

> - create() is the same as allocateFromPool(String pool), just assumes
> there is only 1 pool available???

I don't believe that is the case . See next answer...

> - is it possible to list available pools so that I can use it then for
> allocateFromPool(String pool)?

In order to get a list of the available pools, support for the Floating IP
Pools API [4] will need to be added.

The next step here would be to file a JIRA issue for this missing
functionality. To create the JIRA issues, please refer to the "How to
Contribute" page [5] under the "Create an issue in JIRA" section.

I hope that helps, and please let us know if you have any other questions.


[2] http://wiki.openstack.org/os_api_floating_ip

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