I will do that.
Thank you for help

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 8:10 PM, Everett Toews <everett.toews@rackspace.com> wrote:
Hi Shital,

At this point I pretty sure that the problems are with your OpenStack deployment and not jclouds.

On Feb 10, 2014, at 3:14 AM, Shital Patil <shital.patil@gslab.com> wrote:

Hi Everett,

I am listing the pastie links for logs as you suggested. I am enlisting three scenarios and for each scenario, links to two log files jclouds.log and jclouds-wire.log.
Kindly tell why it succeeds in one scenario and fails in other two.

I could run list servers successfully on openstack its logs are-

         listservers jclouds.log - http://pastie.org/8717944

        listservers jclouds-wire.log - http://pastie.org/8717947

This proves that jclouds is authenticating properly with your OpenStack cloud. So auth with jclouds is not a problem.

Listing images failed logs are-
        listimages jclouds.log - http://pastie.org/8717955

        listimages jclouds-wire.log- http://pastie.org/8717956

It’s possible that your user does not have the authorization to list that particular image. If that image does not belong to you and is not a public image then you would unauthorized to view it. jclouds is not the problem here. 

Creating new server failed logs are-
         createserver jclouds.log - http://pastie.org/8717965

         createserver jclouds-wire.log - http://pastie.org/8717966

This is definitely a problem with your OpenStack deployment. If any service is returning a "500 Internal Server Error” that means there is something wrong with the service itself. 

I suggest trying to create a server and then sending your logs to your OpenStack administrators. They can check the Nova logs and see why Nova is erroring out. There is something wrong with Nova here.