I'm currently reviewing the jclouds filesystem blobstore API. I
noticed that user metadata doesn't get saved with the 1.8.1 version,
but that a comment exists in the code regarding Java 7 and NIO
filestore attributes. I also found out with the JCLOUDS-658 that
jclouds 2.0 (unreleased) fixes the issue by using the NIO filestore

Regarding this issue and resolution:
- Is the filesystem API considered "production" safe or only suggested for
- I'm not sure about the solution of using the filesystem metadata store
to store metadata. Many (most?) filesystem archival/backup/explorer are
not aware of this metadata and it may get lost without the user knowing
about it. I would consider using this for testing, but never in a
production environment.
     - Could an alternate way of storing metadata be implemented, for
example in a properties file named <id>.metadata stored alongside
with the object file?
- I could implement a file metadata storage by wrapping
FilesystemStorageStrategyImpl, but I don't think this is a good idea to
wrap it as I have to re-implement a few classes to have the dependency
injection work correctly.

Any opinion on this?

Thank you,


Gabriel Lavoie