I fail to create nodes properly, getting the following error:

11:42:32.780 [user thread 3] ERROR jclouds.ssh - << (core:rsa[ssh-agent]@1….2) error acquiring {hostAndPort=1…2:22, loginUser=core, ssh=null, connectTimeout=60000, sessionTimeout=60000} (not retryable): Exhausted available authentication methods
net.schmizz.sshj.userauth.UserAuthException: Exhausted available authentication methods

I’ve set the following overrides:
overrides.setProperty(ComputeServiceProperties.POLL_INITIAL_PERIOD, TWENTY_SECONDS);
overrides.setProperty(ComputeServiceProperties.POLL_MAX_PERIOD, TWENTY_SECONDS);
// 18 retries of 15 seconds --> 4.5 min
overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_MAX_RETRIES, "6"); 
overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_RETRY_DELAY_START, "15");

Note the ’(not retryable)’ and ssh=null, they look suspicious but I don’t know what they mean.

PS Nodes are created nonetheless.
If a node fails to create ‘properly’ - maybe there should be some option to force remove it or something ?