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From Yaron Rosenbaum <yaron.rosenb...@gmail.com>
Subject Slow node creation on GCE
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2015 11:01:46 GMT
My software creates multiple nodes concurrently (using jclouds), and then runs a short script
(shouldn’t take more than 1sec). The first node is created quickly, but the others take
a long time - 3-4 minutes between each. The nodes are actually created (I can ssh to them
and they are fully functional), but for some reason jclouds doesn’t finish processing them
and running the script quickly.
I’ve tried playing with a number of options (see below), but to no avail.

It seems like some resource is constrained, but I can’t put my finger on which. Documentation
of the various config options is also a bit thin.

Appreciate if you could share from your own experience, or at least point me in the right

		overrides.setProperty(ComputeServiceProperties.POLL_INITIAL_PERIOD, TEN_SECONDS);
		overrides.setProperty(ComputeServiceProperties.POLL_MAX_PERIOD, TEN_SECONDS);
		overrides.setProperty(ComputeServiceProperties.TIMEOUT_NODE_TERMINATED, TWENTY_SECONDS);
		overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_SO_TIMEOUT, "20000");
		overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT, "20000");
		overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_CONTEXT, "100");
		overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_MAX_RETRIES, "30");
		overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_USER_THREADS, "100");
		overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_IO_WORKER_THREADS, "100");
		overrides.setProperty(ComputeServiceProperties.TIMEOUT_PORT_OPEN, "15000");
		overrides.setProperty(ComputeServiceProperties.TIMEOUT_SCRIPT_COMPLETE, "10000");
		overrides.setProperty("jclouds.ssh.max-retries", "10");
		overrides.setProperty(“jclouds.ssh.retry-auth", "true");


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