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From George Kousiouris <gkous...@mail.ntua.gr>
Subject Contribution of code regarding commercial providers SLA auditing agents
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2015 10:35:02 GMT

Hi all,

not really sure if these are the correct mailing lists, so let me know 
if i am off here. In the last year we have been working in the context 
of the european ARTIST project in order to build monitoring and auditing 
agents for the SLAs issued by public Cloud providers (more details can 
be found here- 3ALib tool: 
http://www.artist-project.eu/tools-of-toolbox/209).  The main purpose is 
for a Cloud user to have a way to be sure that their SLAs are indeed met 
and if not, to provide the evidence of the violation for compensation 
purposes. In order to do that, the provider specific drivers need to be 
in complete accordance to the defined SLAs by the providers (e.g. 
https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/sla/), that in many cases contain several 
preconditions and caveats (e.g. different definitions of availability).

In this process we have used Apache Jclouds as the abstraction layer for 
e.g. getting details of the launched VMs by the Cloud account owner. We 
have tried to follow abstracted design principles, meaning that all 
"drivers" share a common interface and then specialize in each case 
based on the providers specificities.

We would like to explore the possibility to contribute this code base 
(https://github.com/artist-project/ARTIST-3ALib/) to the Apache JClouds 
project/community and potentially find contributors for other providers. 
Up to now, we have reviewed the Amazon EC2 SLA driver, the Google 
Compute SLA driver and are currently extending to other layers such as 
GAE and Windows Azure storage SLAs (not included yet in the public code).

So we have two questions:
a) does this sound interesting and worthwhile for the JClouds community?
b) if yes, what would be the best way to proceed in order to perform 
this contribution?

Thanks and sorry for the long email,


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