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From Andrew Phillips <andr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ec2 authorization issue after upgrading to 1.9.1
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2015 16:20:01 GMT
[moving this to user@...]

> What is the correct procedure to pass certificate for every public
> clouds through jclouds? if I have to ship the application to any
> remote machine ?

In terms of trusting certificates, jclouds doesn't behave any 
differently than any other Java application. The first question for me 
would be why the certificate is being rejected in the first place - the 
public cloud providers should all have certificates that are signed by 
trusted CAs, and so should be accepted by the JVM without any changes.

Are they endpoints you're connecting to using self-signed certs, or is 
there any other obvious reason (hostname mismatches, expired certs etc.) 
why they would be rejected? Or are the JVMs you're running on using a 
different set of trusted CAs?



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