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Hi Subhadip,

Since you said the node is being created, you could try SSH'ing to it from outside of jclouds code using the same machine where you ran the jclouds code. This will help rule out networking issues.  You could try using the Cloud SDK and after installing and authenticating, you could try,

gcloud --project YOUR_PROJECT compute ssh INSTANCE_NAME --zone europe-west1-c

You can also use 'gcloud compute instances describe INSTANCE_NAME --zone europe-west1-c' to ensure that the public IP matches what jclouds was trying to use.

HTH, Eric

On Sat, Sep 5, 2015 at 8:46 AM, Subhadip Bagui <i.bagui@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Andrew,

I'm supplying actual proxy ip and port with username and password, just to
avoid company credentials I put it here like this. I'm working behind
firewall so need to go via proxy server.

If I see in actual google cloud account, the node is getting created with
my hit, but in the response I'm getting is the error mentioned.



On Sat, Sep 5, 2015 at 8:06 PM, Andrew Phillips <andrewp@apache.org> wrote:

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> Hi Subhadip
> Purely based on the error message, it would seem that the proxy settings
> you are providing are incorrect:
> properties.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_PROXY_TYPE, "http");
> properties.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_PROXY_HOST, "x.x.x.x");
> properties.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_PROXY_PORT, "xx");
> properties.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_PROXY_USER, "xxxx");
> properties.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_PROXY_PASSWORD, "xxxx");
> I'm assuming you are supplying an actual IP address or hostname for the
> proxy host, or are you passing "x.x.x.x" literally? You only need the proxy
> settings if you cannot connect directly to the newly created machine -
> otherwise, you do not need to set the PROPERTY_PROXY_* properties.
> Regards
> ap0