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From Andrew Phillips <andr...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Use JClouds to talk to non AWS cloud with S3 API
Date Sat, 30 Jan 2016 02:35:23 GMT
> I guess
> overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_S3_SERVICE_PATH, "/services/Walrus");
> is not correct.
> Without it, it will throw exception.

Ah, OK. To confirm: are we calling a Walrus installation here?

Also, in your boto code snippet:

     def connect(self):
         self.connection = boto.connect_s3 (
             aws_access_key_id = self.access_key_id,
             aws_secret_access_key = self.secret_access_key,
             port = self.port,
             host= self.host,

What are the values of "self.host" and "self.port"? I'm assuming they 
are "myserver" and "8080", or so? In that case, boto should also be 
looking for http://myserver:8080/julie, and not 
http://myserver:8080/services/Walrus/julie, which the jclouds settings 
are causing us to call.

Please see if you can make a successful HEAD Bucket call using cURL or 
other web request generator:


It will be much easier to determine the correct settings for jclouds 
once we have an actual example of an HTTP request to your service that 
is successful.



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