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From Andrew Phillips <andr...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Use JClouds to talk to non AWS cloud with S3 API
Date Sat, 30 Jan 2016 01:15:05 GMT
> I attach log here.

Looking at the logs, I don't think the

overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_S3_SERVICE_PATH, "/services/Walrus");

setting is correct :-( The logs show that jclouds is trying to call

2016-01-29 16:27:24,495 DEBUG [jclouds.headers] [main] >> PUT 
http://jag-itop-svr.dev.opsware.com:8080/services/Walrus/julie/ HTTP/1.1

and the error is

<Error><Code>NoSuchBucket</Code><Message>The specified bucket does

i.e. it's checking for a bucket named "services", rather than "julie".

Can you set up logging in boto [1] to see what the successful call is 
that boto is making? Is it a HEAD to 
http://jag-itop-svr.dev.opsware.com:8080/julie, or some other call?




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