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From cen <imba...@gmail.com>
Subject Group name not set for new nodes on EC2
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 12:00:42 GMT

For some reason the new nodes I create on EC2 are missing the group names.

NodeMetadata node =
getOnlyElement(compute.createNodesInGroup(vmSettings.getGroupName(), 1,
logger.info("New node " + node.getId() + " " +
concat(node.getPrivateAddresses(), node.getPublicAddresses())+" in group
upload some files and run some script on the node
logger.info("Node in group "+node.getGroup()+" initiallized.");

New node eu-central-1/i-1ff660a3 [ip redacted, ip redacted] in group
Node in group null initiallized.

And indeed the group tag is missing in EC2 console. I hardly believe
such basic functionality would be a bug in Jclouds but I also can't see
what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

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