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From Andrew Phillips <andr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Group name not set for new nodes on EC2
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2016 16:58:54 GMT
>> Regarding the group name in the nodes, could you share the code you
>> use to build the template, including the template options?

Thanks for the additional details! More information on the resource 
prefixing Ignasi was mentioning is here, by the way:


Still, it seems we are short on documentation on where exactly this 
prefixing is applied. For example, the documentation for 
createSecurityGroup [1] does not mention this, even though from the code 
[2] and what we've seen in this thread a prefix *is* being added.

In order to avoid this problem, would it make sense to recommend the 
following pattern?

SecurityGroup sg = securityGroupExtension.createSecurityGroup("name", 

// get the name of the actually created item!!
String sgName = sg.getName();
EC2TemplateOptions o = 

In other words, instead of assuming that the input parameter to 
createSecurityGroup (or similar calls) can be used as-is, always use the 
values of the resulting object?





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