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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: I wish to contribute a new tdb example
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 23:09:15 GMT

On 06/12/10 21:15, Matthew Daniel wrote:
> Hello,
> Congratulations on your upcoming move to Apache. :-)
> I have an example source, very similar to the ExTDB[1-3].java files
> which I feel is closer to a "hello, world" than the three examples
> that ship with TDB currently. I think this is relevant, especially in
> light of questions such as these:
> My example creates a new Dataset, grabs a named (but empty, of course)
> Model, opens the Graph for it, inserts a Statement (showing usage of
> the IRIFactory) and then persists everything. If it is run again, it
> then uses the ARQ API (QueryFactory et al) to show the contents of
> that Model. Simple, but I feel that having this kind of example will
> lower the cost of entry into TDB (and possibly Jena, seeing as it
> touches on so many of the parts).
> I saw the message about the Apache contributor agreement
> (
> but I didn't want to jump through those hoops until I learn whether my
> idea would be welcome.

It's welcome.  Send it to and see what the 
reaction is.

For adding something like this, there is a lighter weight way. Only 
committers need to sign an ICLA, and software grants are only needed 
separately for large blobs of pre-existing code.

When we're in Apache, you can contribute by putting it on the Jena JIRA 
as a patch file.

This implies the necessary legal permission for ASF to use the patch 
just by the act of doing it (the Jira installation has a note about this 
when you create the entry, I think - we're all a bit new to Apache 

Some committer then handles it - I think (we new to this ...) by making 
sure the project group is OK with it and then applying the patch.  Or 
the other way round.  The point is an email goes to the public 
development mailing list for everyone, inc committers, to see.  For 
added examples, it's a bit of a no-op, but it means it's "the project" 
dciding, not one person in isolation.  It's no work for the contributor 
- they just upload patch to JIRA.  We'd be swamped by (electronic) 
paperwork otherwise.

The full details are:

> Thank you so much for all the hard work on Jena, and I hope I can
> improve it (even if just a little).

The more, the merrier.

>    -- /v\atthew

Thins may be a bit slow as we get sorted out but JIRA never forgets.  If 
you could send it for now to then submit it 
when we are up and running properly at Apache.


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