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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Migrating jena-dev@Y!
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 17:18:23 GMT

On 09/12/10 14:52, Ross Gardler wrote:
>> So I suggest we all start mentioning the existence of the new list. We
>> can see how the migration flow goes, and make a pragmatic decision as to
>> what to do when we get a sense for the switch over.
> Options I see
> - turn off yahoo list and force people here
> - reply to all new threads on the old list with a request to send to the
> ASF lists where support will be provided
> - repost all ASF mails to the Yahoo list with a header informing people
> that to participate in the discussion they need to migrate to the ASF list
> - set the Yahoo list to moderated posting and ask to send to ASF list
> - gently nudge people to the ASF list but still provide support on the
> yahoo list
> I'd recommend the second option, the first and last options are not
> really helpful in my opinion. The third option could work too, but
> involves some technical configuration.
> Just my 2 cents - it's your community
> Ross

Ross's list seem to capture all the options for list migration.

* We have list moderators in place now

* points to jena-users@, as does the documentation in the 
latest release.



Send a message to jena-devel@SF to say discussions have moved.  People 
have probably already guessed we use jena-dev@ASF.


Send a message to say that jena-users@ASF is now open and see how it 
goes.  Move to a more direct policy at some point based on experience.

This attempts to reduce the admin before switching to more actively moving.


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