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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Apache processes status
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 22:53:11 GMT

On 14/12/10 20:51, Ross Gardler wrote:
> On 14/12/2010 20:05, Andy Seaborne wrote:
>> == svn
>> Committer access: I haven't heard anything.
>> Ross -
>> Are we in a starvation deadlock here on the missing iCLA from Jeremy?
> Accounts have been requested for those who have registered iCLAs on file.
> We have to wait for root@ to create them, this is a human process and
> can sometimes take a while - there are various security checks to be
> carried out etc.
> I've just sent a gentle reminder to infra@ but we have to be patient I'm
> afraid (this is the last bloker apart from CCLA)

No problem - I was just checking we weren't in an "A waiting for B 
waiting for A" situation.  I realise these things can take a while and 
there has been a burst of projects.

>> == CLAs
>> ICLAs:
>> Jeremy - you are not listed at
>> Everyone else is now listed as unlisted CLAs section.
> If anyone has not been copied on a mail from me to root@a.o requesting
> their accounts please let me know as that is an oversight.

I didn't receive anything but given the necessary aggressiveness of spam 
filters these days, that doesn't mean you didn't send it.

>> == legal
>> HP: legal person identified, waiting to get into detailed discussions
> My understanding was that this had been completed before the proposal
> was submitted. Is that not the case?

We have discussed this with HP and it was Ok in principle - but until 
there was a definite action to be taken, then it's only "in principle".

We now have that definite step to take. I hope it'll be straightforward 
as the material in question has been available via a BSD-class license 
in an agreed open source project.


> Ross

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