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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (JENA-1) 404 Not Found
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 12:58:27 GMT
On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 8:08 PM, Andy Seaborne
<> wrote:
>> Tried to access the Webpage for the Jena
>> but faced the 404 error
> Getting a webpage in place seems like a good idea.  How's it done?

"The website is published by checking out the content from SVN into
the directory /www/ on The particular SVN module used to store the website
is a matter for the podling but it should be in SVN.

People using Maven, Forrest, or any other tool still have to address
the SVN publishing requirement that the infrastructure team has laid
out. If that is done, then we just run "svn update" in that directory
to load the site from SVN."

>From my earlier e-mail (on sf mailing list), you have to pick the
method by which to produce your website HTML.

> Mentors - is it acceptable to put in a placeholder to redirect (307
> Temporary Redirect via an HTML redirect page) off Apache to
> while we boot up the project?

Hummmm. I don't think there's a rule about that. But let's derive one :)

I don't think this is ok, because apache wants to have an "incubation
disclaimer" to make very clear to the general public that any
incubating projects are not _yet_ in any way endorsed by apache, etc
etc. At the same time you don't want such a notice on --
I think you don't want to be discouraging users from picking up and
using jena over there.

Instead, I'd suggest something like
(1) figure out this publish-the-website stuff (i.e. check in something
to svn, add crontab on
(2) put in place a single page placeholder with explanation + link
elsewhere (i.e. to
(3) do the 'proper' website (more work :-))



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