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From Matthew Daniel <>
Subject I wish to contribute a new tdb example
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 21:15:12 GMT

Congratulations on your upcoming move to Apache. :-)

I have an example source, very similar to the ExTDB[1-3].java files
which I feel is closer to a "hello, world" than the three examples
that ship with TDB currently. I think this is relevant, especially in
light of questions such as these:

My example creates a new Dataset, grabs a named (but empty, of course)
Model, opens the Graph for it, inserts a Statement (showing usage of
the IRIFactory) and then persists everything. If it is run again, it
then uses the ARQ API (QueryFactory et al) to show the contents of
that Model. Simple, but I feel that having this kind of example will
lower the cost of entry into TDB (and possibly Jena, seeing as it
touches on so many of the parts).

I saw the message about the Apache contributor agreement
but I didn't want to jump through those hoops until I learn whether my
idea would be welcome.

Thank you so much for all the hard work on Jena, and I hope I can
improve it (even if just a little).

  -- /v\atthew

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