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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: TDBException: Different ids for ...
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 14:54:27 GMT
Hi Andy,
I am sharing a few more details, but nothing really useful (I am sorry).

Andy Seaborne wrote:
>>> 2/ How much data is there in a store?
>> Not big.
> In triples?

~ 5M triples.

I did check the TDB indexes (which we saved before rebuilding that
dataset) were not corrupted. I am able to do a tdbdump on it and
I also checked with a tool which do a scan on all the indexes.
Everything seems, fine as far as I can see.

This does not scale for large indexes and it's just a quick hack:
... however, a command line tool which users can run to check the
integrity of TDB indexes could be useful.

>>> 3/ How big and how frequent are the updates?
>>> Ditto reads.
>> The update we were submitting when we saw the exception wasn't big
>> (but not tiny): 13492 triples.
>> That store performed 442 write transactions previously, without
>> problems. It failed when we submitted the 443 write transaction.
>> At that point in time we were submitting many updates, sequentially
>> one after the other, and continuously (i.e. we were replaying old
>> updates from a key-value store).
>> A couple of other nodes, running exactly the same code, did not
>> experience any problem. The difference might be on the reads.
>> There might have been reads during the updates.
>>> 4/ How are the updates being done?
>> We still serialize writes and we run write transactions via the usual
>> begin, try { ... commit } catch { abort } pattern.
> So API, not SPARQL Update?
> Which calls?

A snippet of what we do:

     SyncableDataset dataset = getDataset();
     try {
         commit ( dataset );
     } catch (RdfStoreException e) {
         abort( dataset );
         throw e;
     } catch (InconsistentRemovalSetException e) {
         abort( dataset );
         throw e;
     } finally {
         if ( dataset instanceof TxTdbDataset ) {

SyncableDataset implements Dataset.

getDataset() ultimately does:

     sConn = StoreConnection.make(location);
     datasetGraph = sConn.begin(ReadWrite.WRITE);

abort() and commit() ultimately do:

     DatasetGraphTxn dsg = ...



Last but not least, I double checked and in the last 20 or so days that
was the only TDBException we had.

 From the logs I have, I does not seem that there was reads going at the
time of the update (and exception).


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