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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Transactional TDB
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 15:46:34 GMT
On 01/11/11 14:17, Laurent Pellegrino wrote:
>> Adding a non-caching StoreConnection.createMem() is also doable.
>> So I understand the use case, why do you want separate in-memory databases?
> When I am running some tests (instantiating several datastores), I
> prefer to use an in-memory datastore instead of a persistent
> datastore. It will improve the execution time (e.g. for tests which
> are I/O intensive) without affecting the result and without making any
> difference when the purpose of the test is not to measure the
> throughput of something. Moreover, if the test fail/crash, it avoids
> to remove manually the repositories associated to the tests which have
> crashed.
>      Laurent

I've added:


which should return a fresh StoreConnection each time.  Please test it 
and let me know how it goes.

A proper fix - named in-memory areas - would be better but it would take 
some time to do.  Patches welcome and it'll need testing as the code has 
been designed with this in mind :-)


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