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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: STRSTARTS does not work with Transactional TDB
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2011 12:41:04 GMT
A fix for JENA-154 (JIRA for this issue) has gone into SVN.

The probelm was a design flaw, so there is a new way to convert 
GRAPH/triples to quads as well as a new way to execution GRAPH/triples.

Downside is that it is an application-visible change.  Many common-case 
queries already correctly written will yield the same answers but not 
all of them.  Putting the filter inside the GRAPH will change - it was 
acting as if outside for {} block.

It is now SPARQL-compliant though.


On 03/11/11 09:28, Laurent Pellegrino wrote:
>> Does plain TDB, without using the transaction interface work at all?
> No, it does not work. As you said, it affects all TDB datasets.
>> (I guess that plain TDB will behave like TxTDB and that it's to do with the
>> process of truning into quads)
>> I've opened JENA-154 for this.
>> I'll start by fixing ARQ to correctly handle patterns inside GRAPH ?g {}
>> that define or mention the outer ?g.
>>         Andy

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