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From Laurent Pellegrino <>
Subject STRSTARTS does not work with Transactional TDB
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 09:54:50 GMT
Hi all,

I have executing a SPARQL Select query which filters quadruples
according to a prefix in the graph value. The SPARQL query is the

SELECT ?g ?s ?p ?o WHERE {
    GRAPH ?g {
        ?s ?p ?o .
        FILTER (STRSTARTS(str(?g), ""))

It seems that the query works when it is executed with a basic Dataset
but when it is executed with a transactional Dataset it does not work.
Hereafter are the links to the tests (I use the last snapshots from
the apache repository):

1/ This is the test associated to the basic Dataset where the query works:

the output is, as expected:

> TestDatasetGraph.main() results are:

2/ The test which is not working (returns no result) and that uses a
transactional dataset:

Do I miss something in the second test or is it a bug?

Kind Regards,

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