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From Simon Helsen <>
Subject Re: IRIResolver cache not thread safe?
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 20:06:23 GMT
sorry for the late response. I looked again into this

so, yes, first of all, I encountered this in ARQ 2.8.7 and indeed in later 
ARQs, the path seems different

Trunk ARQ:

   private void readImpl(Model model, Tokenizer tokenizer, String base)
        try {
            model.notifyEvent( GraphEvents.startRead );
            readWorker(model, tokenizer,  base) ;

ARQ 2.8.5:

  private void readImpl(Model model, Tokenizer tokenizer, String base)
        // The reader has been checked, if possible, by now or
        // constructed correctly by code here. 
        if ( base != null )
            base = IRIResolver.resolveGlobalToString(base) ;
        try {
            model.notifyEvent( GraphEvents.startRead );
            readWorker(model, tokenizer,  base) ;

So, perhaps we circumvent the problem using a later ARQ (we are looking to 
adopt ARQ 2.8.8 in the near future)

However, independent of that, when I look at IRIResolverNormal, it has a 

 private Cache<String, IRI> resolvedIRIs = CacheFactory.createCache(getter
, CacheSize) ;

which is not thread-safe. So  public IRI resolveSilent(String relURI) 
could not be used from multiple threads. 

@Andy: are you saying that access to resolveSilent is definitely 
single-threaded, even if there are multiple concurrent reads?



Andy Seaborne <>
10/31/2011 06:08 PM
Re: IRIResolver cache not thread safe?

On 31/10/11 16:34, Simon Helsen wrote:
> Hi all,
> very sometimes (it is a rare and impossibly difficult to reproduce) we 
> into a problem which I can only explain by a concurrency violation. The
> stack trace we typically encounter is below. I know that the concrete 
> which comes as a result is specific to the IBM JDK because of the way 
> implement LinkedHashMap, but the bug is not theirs. That the Sun SDK 
> not immediately expose the issue is mere luck. Looking at the 
> code, it seems to me that the cache inside the IRIResolveNormal (
> resolvedIRIs) ought to be using a concurrent linked hashMap since there 
> only one global cache which can be used by many threads.
> Any thoughts?

There is no such operation IRIResolver.resolveGlobalToString anymore. 
Which version are you using?

Use of private static "globalResolver" may need protecting (see the 
current system) which has one IRIResolverNormal - there may be others 
and the class itself IRIResolverNormal does not need it (it has no 
statics) and there are ways to create new ones.


> Thanks
> Simon
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>          at java.util.LinkedHashMap.get(
>          at org.openjena.atlas.lib.cache.CacheLRU.get(
>          at
> org.openjena.atlas.lib.cache.CacheWrapper.get(
>          at
>          at
>          at
>          at
> org.openjena.riot.IRIResolver.resolveGlobalToString(
>          at
> org.openjena.riot.JenaReaderRIOT.readImpl(
>          at
>          at

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