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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: of isomorphism and AdhocDatatypes
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2018 09:08:17 GMT

On 25/09/18 09:48, Claude Warren wrote:
> I have a case that I know falls under Don't Do That (DDT), but it got me
> wondering.
> Background:
> We have created a custom data type that extends AdhocDatatype and provides
> a data type for an enum.  The parse() and unparse() methods work as
> expected.
> I have a test case that managed to create 2 instances of the datatype (this
> is the DDT part).  I will be spending this morning figuring out why we do
> this and what the proper solution is.  But it got me thinking.
> The isomorphic test fails on the enum data type based literals.  Looking at
> the code, in, it perfors Object.equals( datatype1,
> datatype2 ) in the various equality checks.
> Question:
> Since the two datatype instances return the same enum, and the lexical form
> of the two is the same, and there is no language specified, should they not
> be considered equal?  Should the two graphs not be considered isomorphic?
> If not can someone explain why?

Because you haven't implemented .hashCode() and .equals()? 
(AdhocDatatype doesn't and can't).

BaseDatatype does not implement .hashCode() and .equals() - the inner 
TypeValue does ... but that's the value, not the term.  See 


> Claude

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