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From "Mark Collin" <>
Subject RE: Beanshell and Maven
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 09:28:34 GMT
I found the sources this morning \o/

Trying to get this uploaded to maven central now as well.

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From: Mark Collin [] 
Sent: 16 March 2012 06:34
Subject: Beanshell and Maven

I've been spending some time trying to get the JMeter dependencies that are
not currently available in maven central added because a lot of corporate
maven proxies (e.g. artifactory) are configured to only download packages
from maven central.


For a package to be moved into maven central it needs to have the sources
and javadocs bundled with it as well (at least when trying to get packages
pushed up using sonatypes oss service, it does). 


I've managed to get jCharts 0.7.5 added and it is now available in maven
central, however I'm having real problems with the missing beanshell


The problems I'm facing:


.         The current beanshell packages on third party maven repos do not
have either sources or javadocs.

.         I am unable to find any active developers for beanshell.

.         I am unable to find the source code that so I can package it up as
a sources jar and create a javadocs jar from the source.

.         I am having real problems finding an official 2.0b5 package which
includes source and javadocs.


There is a 2.0b5 package available in some third party maven repo's and you
can download a copy of the 2.0b5 jar from the
website, but there is no mention of 2.0b5 anywhere on the site and the
mailing lists have been dead for years.


With all of this in mind it looks like there is no way to get beanshell
pushed into maven central (unless you know of a repo somewhere that has the
missing parts).


So down to my questions:


1.       What would be the consequences of using bsh-2.0b4 instead of b5?  I
could set this as a dependency for the maven plugin I'm working on so that
if a local cache can't download from a third party repo an older version is

2.       Have you considered updating beanshell to the beanshell 2 fork that
is currently active and being developed upon
(  It may be much easier to convince
an active project to make a maven release of their code.



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