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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Issues 52673 / 52698 / 41545 / 52707 / 52502
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 01:11:54 GMT
On 20 March 2012 20:29, Geoff Simmons <> wrote:
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> On 3/20/12 8:09 PM, Shmuel Krakower wrote:
>> One other thing I find problematic is that you cannot change the
>> created load. I.e. if you want to see how the system will handle
>> twice of the current load.. but I guess you can work around this..
> There are a number of things you could do, such as make additional
> copies of the request logs, and change the intervals between requests
> in the logs. Then you'd have to make sure that the results do not
> create some sort of error, for example by duplicating DB updates, or
> something like that. This all runs afoul of the idea of reproducing
> recorded traffic, but the sampler doesn't know or care where the
> request logs came from or how they were built.
>> Regarding your thoughts of allowing utilization of JMeter config
>> elements like cookies, I guess that another approach (which maybe
>> others already implemented?) will be to simply convert apache logs
>> into jmeter samplers(creating a jmx file) but I am not sure how
>> jmeter will handle thousands of samplers in one script.
> As sebb mentioned, that's the Access Log Samper (just the one sampler
> is enough). As I mentioned earlier, access logs mean that you are
> limited to GET requests and any headers the access log contains, and
> you have to estimate the concurrency of the logged requests.

I meant that the Access Log sampler could be extended to parse other
logs which have sufficient info to recreate requests other than just

>> Anyway, this is interesting topic.. maybe more related to the users
>> list and not dev...
> We can take it over there, it just came up on dev because we've
> offered the sampler for JMeter, and the question was how generally
> useful it would be.
> - From the feedback so far, I'm thinking we should bring it up again at
> a later time, when we have stronger tool support for obtaining the
> request logs, and easier ways of solving problems with sessions and
> the like, as we've been discussing today. Sound about right?
> Best,
> Geoff
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