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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Issues 52673 / 52698 / 41545 / 52707 / 52502
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 19:42:07 GMT
On 20 March 2012 19:09, Shmuel Krakower <> wrote:
> Hi,
> It sounds like you are doing good job over there with load testing.
> I guess that this is not something most people will do (so many
> preparations) and as you mentioned, it has at least one problem - sessions
> are pre-created so it may not be completely the same as real life. But I
> guess it isn't the most important.
> One other thing I find problematic is that you cannot change the created
> load. I.e. if you want to see how the system will handle twice of the
> current load.. but I guess you can work around this..
> Regarding your thoughts of allowing utilization of JMeter config elements
> like cookies, I guess that another approach (which maybe others already
> implemented?) will be to simply convert apache logs into jmeter
> samplers(creating a jmx file) but I am not sure how jmeter will handle
> thousands of samplers in one script.

That's what the Apache Log Sampler is intended for.

A single sampler reads the file and generates a sample based on the input.

> Anyway, this is interesting topic.. maybe more related to the users list
> and not dev...
> Thanks for sharing.
> Shmuel Krakower.
> בתאריך 2012 3 20 13:00, מאת "Geoff Simmons" <>:

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