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From Immanuel Hayden <>
Subject Re: Listening for end of test run?
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:31:28 GMT
> I assumed from your original post that you were running a batch job,
> i.e. running JMeter in batch (non-GUI) mode.
> If not, you should be.
I must confess, I didn't yet look into the non-gui mode (yet)

> In which case, just add the mail step after the test finishes.
of course I can then just mail the file, but it won't have nice
graphics (eg. green ticks, red crosses) ... that's why I'm envisioning
some kind of checklist mail which is easy and fast to look at eg.

    total executed: 18
    passed: 15
    failed: 3

    test1 ........ check
    test2 ........ check
    test3 ........ failed

> I don't think you *need* a Listener to solve your requirement.
I also don't "need" JMeter to run my tests (any standard programming
language can do http requests just as well), but it's the best/fastest
tool to do the job ... which is exactly my point with why I'd love to
see this as a listener: because it would be imho the best solution to
have a listener integrated that creates good and easy to look at mails
to allow for greater automation. Also note that we are not discussing
if this (potential) feature should be merged upstream or not which
will be the topic of another thread should I succeed in what I want to
Anyhow, the general question still remains: is there some way to
detect the end of a testset run (when the thread(s) that the component
is associated with is(are) finished)?

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