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From sebb <>
Subject SSL Proxy recording - testing help needed
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2013 22:09:17 GMT
The Proxy server can now record embedded resources when used on Java 7.

It creates a CA and keystore as needed.

More work is needed:
- creating certs is fairly slow, so it would help if these were set up
before the test started.
- the CA cert is not created until the first SSL request is received,
so the first browser request will fail. The certificate can then be
loaded and the recording restarted. This needs to be fixed
- documentation

Initialising the keystore
Ideally the CA cert needs to be created before the test starts, so it
can be loaded into the browser. However not all recordings use SSL, so
it seems wasteful to create the keystore if it won't then be used.

Also, creating additional host entries is quite slow, so it would be
useful to be able to specify these in advance.

One possible approach would be to add a new field to the GUI (Global
Settings has room) where the user could list the hosts/domains they
intend to test. [This would also signal that SSL proxying is required]
When the Proxy is started, it could then create the keys if necessary.
This would also create the certificate ready for the browser to load.

Domains would be indicated by a leading "*." - e.g. *
It would be easy to match a host against a domain.
This would get round the issue that converting from host to domain is
tricky to do programmatically (there are lots of special cases).
Whereas the user presumably has a pretty good idea what domains they
are testing.

I hope to make a start on improving the code in a day or two; in the
meantime if there are any issues/suggestions please raise them here.

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