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From sebb <>
Subject SSL Proxy recording - does not work with Opera (yet)
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2013 12:14:08 GMT
Although one can install the "ca" certificate in Opera, it does not
work; the user is still prompted.

There seem to be two reasons for this:
- the "ca" cert was self-issued; it should have been issued by "root"
- the Opera browser needs the "root" certicate, not the signing cert

I assume that Opera does not work with the self-issued CA cert because
it needs a certificate chain.

It seems Firefox does not need the chain, though it does also work
with a proper chain.

[Also, Opera looks for X509 certificates with the extension .usr]

I'll be updating KeyToolUtils shortly.
- ensure the SSL signing certificate is issued by the root certificate
- export the root certificate (which is really the CA here) as .usr
and .crt files

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