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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject "Save idle time" by default
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2014 07:47:56 GMT

I analyze jmeter csv raw results via both jmeter listeners (e.g.
AggregateReport) and build my own reports via r.

It works pretty much fine, however I faced an issue with transaction
controllers and timers.

Here's the issue: by default the log (e.g. raw log in csv) does _not_
include duration of the timers, so there is no way to tell when
transaction finished.
There is a similar problem with regular samplers: it is hard to tell
why there is a gap between two samplers.

One of my reports is a sequence chart of jmeter transactions with
actions in the system under test, thus I need precise information on
the start and end timestamps.
Gaps between JMeter requests bothers me since I do not know if they
are caused by JMeter or by a bad script or whatever else.

I've scanned through and identified that solves solves the problem to a
certain degree.
With this option, log for transaction controller does report delay time.
However, there still no way to map those delays to the timeline:
individual samplers always show 0 in the "idle time column"

Can you please clarify:
1) Why "save idle time" is not enabled by default?
2) Is there an option to enable logging of "preprocessors duration"
and "postprocessors duration" for the samplers?
If JMeter could log those timings it might have a good purpose:
identify inefficient regexps, eliminate surprises when analyzing "gaps
in between requests", etc.

Vladimir Sitnikov

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