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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Throughput timers vs Poisson vs etc
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 13:20:57 GMT

When it comes to load simulation, JMeter is hard to bend around the
following requirements:
1) "Specific number of iterations per hour".
   The very basic requirement is to ensure you end up exactly 50
iterations per hour.
   Business customers would not understand if you report load test
results with 47 executions "just because the random was random".

   All timers except "Constant" can easily send excessive requests or
send less requests than required. There is no way to control it.

2) "Bursty load" simulation. There is no easy way to test "50
iterations per hour as 10 bursts of 5 items".

3) "Repeatable test profile". All the random timers produce different
pattern on each test run. This is not good for low-level analysis
(e.g. compare of CPU% charts, etc).

4) "Avoid all thread groups" to fire at 00:00:00. By default, all
thread groups would fire at 0, so there would be noticeable spike at
the start of the test.

It might look like PoissionRandomTimer and SynchronizingTimer solve
the problem, however no one uses that in real life.
"Poission Random Timer" -- 711 results in Google
"Synchronizing Timer" -- 3590 results in Google

Anyone else struggling with those issues?

Vladimir Sitnikov

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