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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: SMTP Sampler and TLSv1.2/CipherSuites
Date Sun, 07 Jun 2015 09:12:15 GMT
Am 06.06.2015 um 17:59 schrieb Felix Schumacher:
> Hi all,
> to enable the SMPT Sampler to use a higher TLS version than TLSv1 it
> seems to be necessary to change the SSLContext.getInstance call in
> TrustAllSSLSocketFactory from "TLS" to "TLSv1.2".

Any idea why? When I test java HTTP connectivity, then "TLS" is able to 
connect TLSv1.2 if the JVM is new enough end the server supports it. 
"TLS" in getInstance() is not very wel documented, but in general seems 
to support al TLS versions trying to use the newest one supported by 
both sides.

There's also the possibility to set enabledProtocols() which does not 
support the string "TLS", but only the explicit protocol versions. But 
even without setting enabled protocols and just sticking to defaults,I 
can get a TLSv1.2 (HTTP) connection with Java 8 and e.g. a TLSv1 
connection with Java 6, both creating the SSLContext via getInstance("TLS").

Is there a public SMTP server which can be used to observe the problem 
you see?



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