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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Documentation and more
Date Sat, 10 Oct 2015 11:50:29 GMT
Am 04.10.2015 um 19:44 schrieb Philippe Mouawad:
> On Sunday, October 4, 2015, Felix Schumacher <
>> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have spend a lot of time lately going through the docs for jmeter and
>> especially looking at the markup side of the documentation.
>> I have noticed a few things, that could be (hopefully) improved.
>> Code examples
>> ---------------------
>> The code examples are all treated as plain text. There is no further
>> markup to differentiate a shell script from an xml fragment or a java
>> source code example.
>> Maybe we could use a javascript library like
>> We would have to add an language
>> attribute to each of our source code examples and extend the style sheets.
>>   +1
>> Layout of Menu-paths and key combos
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>> Paths through menu like structures and combination of keys are text only.
>> I propose to add markup (like in docbook) for this.
>> +1
>> Notes
>> --------
>> Notes can be used for different use cases like warnings or infos. I think
>> it would be nice to have an attribute on those notes to make them
>> distinguishable. The style of the note could reflect that attribute.
>> +1
>> Icons with fonts
>> ---------------------
>> Fonts like provide nice
>> looking symbols, that scale well. Should we include such a font and use the
>> symbols for notes, bugs, ...? Would it be a problem, if the font had a non
>> apache license?
>> possibly as doc is distributed as part of project
>> PDF files
>> -----------
>> There are a few pdf files linked on the web page. Should we convert them
>> to xml? I don't think we would really loose anything. On the other hand the
>> xml->html files would be better searchable by search sites.  We could link
>> to the original pdf files, if we want to keep them.
>> +1, having them in pdf makes it harder to update the docs, at least in my
> experience
>> Usage of the different style sheets
>> ----------------------------------------------
>> The web page and the "printable" pages are generated by different style
>> sheets. As far as I can see, the "printable" pages are used by jmeter's
>> internal doc system. Is there any other usage for those pages?
> Not as far as I know.
>> If not, we could strip the number of generated "printable" files further,
>> since I haven't seen a way to show any page except the
>> usermanual/component_reference and usermanual/functions pages.
>> The web pages should be printable with the latest additions in trunk (at
>> least on firefox and chrome).
>> What do you think?
> Maybe it would even be better in jmeter to open directly the web docs in
> browser as we do it for templates instead of having a swing component for
> it.
I think this is a rather big change and should be discussed separately. 
(Not that I am against it, but I have no idea how much work this would 
be and what consequences this would have.)

>> Regards,
>>   Felix

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