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From Milamber <>
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2015 08:57:06 GMT

On 15/10/2015 06:18, Philippe Mouawad wrote:
> Hello Rainer, Milamber,
> Thanks for your feedback.
> Regards
> On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Milamber <> wrote:
>> Thanks for your proposal.
>> Seems a good thing to add this plugin on JMeter but we need to known the
>> new functionality(ies) of this plugin? that is an new listener or sampler?
> There is mainly:
> - A post processor similar to regexp extractor
> - a renderer to test json path expressions as with regexp, css/jquery or
> xpath
>> Can you confirm that this plugin don't have some dependencies against the
>> Apache License v2 (like GPL) for the distribution?
>> I do
>> I thinks that Ubik Load Pack have already sign the CCLA and can contribute
>> to Apache projects?
> yes
>> I thinks that after your PR (or other way of submission), a vote (in
>> Apache way) must be done to accept or not this plugin.
>> (example:
>> )
>> ok but as I said, for now the plugin uses non apache jmeter package naming.
> Shall I do a PR as is and then we would rename packages .
> I would like to be sure the plugin will be taken under Jmeter before doing
> the renaming, otherwise it would stay as is.

This current thread is for me the "Discuss" thread to determine if we 
(PMC) can open a vote thread. Rainer and me are already favorable to 
inclusion (I suppose that you (as Philippe/PMC) is favorable too).

The renaming of the packages isn't a requirement for donation. Your can 
share the plugin as-is (github / patch-diff / etc) and open a vote 
thread (as Philippe-PMC) after the end of the discuss for donation.
The renaming can be done after the vote results (AFAIK)

Some examples of donation on Apache CloudStack:

Vote thread:
Vote result:

Discuss :
Result: (With IP Clearance 
as next step)


>> @Sebb can you confirm the good way to the donation, thanks.
>> On 14/10/2015 20:05, UBIK LOAD PACK Support wrote:
>>> Hello Dev Team,
>>> I am contacting you to know if you would be interested in integrating our
>>> JSON Plugin within Core JMeter.
>>> Its features are shown on our blog, I didn't put any link because none of
>>> my 2 previous mails were received on dev mailing list.
>>> Currently plugin uses com.ubikingenierie.loadpack package, but it would be
>>> donated with a package you would choose:
>>> - org.apache.jmeter.json for example
>>> If you are OK and wish to integrate it, we would submit a PR on Github so
>>> that you can review it and potentially provide some patches before
>>> integration in JMeter.
>>> Your feedback is welcome.
>>> We think this feature would be very useful for Web Application testing
>>> where JSON format is becoming a very frequently used format for Rest
>>> Webservices for example.
>>> Thanks
>>> Regards
>>> Ubik Load Pack Team
>>> @ubikloadpack

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