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From Milamber <>
Subject Re: About including Groovy
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2016 00:04:19 GMT

On 24/02/2016 12:04, sebb wrote:
> Let's be clear what this discussion is about.
> JMeter already supports Groovy.
> It's not a question of whether Groovy is a good scripting language.
> The question is whether or not to bundle Groovy with JMeter.

My points of view for the answers to this question are:
1/ Groovy is a easy/fun/fashion language today, and the next generation 
(of developer) would use this (easy|cool) language (vs/with Java) to add 
some new behaviors in JMeter tests.
2/ Why Beanshell is including in JMeter and not Groovy? The size of jar 
file isn't the best argument in 2016. The version management in JMeter 
is easy to do. (probably more easy if JMeter will switching to a maven 
or gradle archetype).

So, even if add Groovy jar file in package will bring some negatives 
points on JMeter, the benefits are more important, so, I'm very excited 
to add Groovy in the JMeter package.


> The only advantage I can see is that JMeter users don't have to
> download Groovy in order to use it.
> The disadvantages are:
> - additional download size, even if Groovy is not needed
> - users will still have to download Groovy if there is a new version
> and JMeter has not yet been updated.
> It would be useful to know:
> - what jars are needed?
> - how large are they?
> An alternative approach would be to provide a script to download Groovy.
> This would solve both the disadvantages I mention.
> We could even perhaps provide a template to download Groovy using JMeter.
> This could be a useful sample for people to try.
> On 23 February 2016 at 09:54, Milamber <> wrote:
>> I think that is a very good idea to add Groovy to JMeter.
>> On 22/02/2016 19:05, Philippe Mouawad wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> +1 for integration as of me.
>>> Reasons:
>>> - Make user experience as simple as possible (no need to bundle additional
>>> libraries and manage configuration
>>> -jsr223+groovy is the most performing option compared to beanshell
>>> - as of the scripting I had to do, I always had at some step to script and
>>> used this combination
>>> - beanshell does not support java6/7/8 sugar syntax
>>> - groovy is an easy scripting language with the full power of java + a lot
>>> of additional features for xml, json manipulation, jmx ...
>>> - Groovy is now Apache :)
>>> Regards
>>> On Monday, February 22, 2016, Pascal Schumacher <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> when this was last discussed, it was decided to wait till there is
>>>> official Apache release (outside of Apache Incubator) of Groovy. Groovy
>>>> 2.4.6 is the first release as a top level project and it was just
>>>> released:
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Pascal
> .

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