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From sebb <>
Subject Re: HTML 5 render in View Results Tree
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2016 12:35:53 GMT
On 5 June 2016 at 13:16, Antonio Gomes Rodrigues <> wrote:
> Hi,
> In "View Results Tree" we can see the response in HTML format.
> It's a great feature to dedug a script and to understand what failed during
> a load test (with only error box checked).
> And, to my knowledge, not all the load test tool have this feature
> Unfortunately JEditorPane is only compatible with HTML 3.2
> I have try to find a framework which support HTML 5 to replace JEditorPane
> without success.
> The only solution I have find is to use JavaFX webview but it seem to be
> complexe to integrate it in JMeter code (webview is easy to mix it with
> Swing code but in the case of JMeter, it seems more complexe)
> Another problem with the mix between Swing and JavaFX is that we need to
> have a thread more (one to render Swing + one to render JavaFX).
> Anybody have an idea to add HTML 5 in View Results Tree?
> Or to make a screenshot each time an error occur

There is no screen buffer. A screen shot would require JMeter to
become a browser.

However it is of course possible to save the raw HTML; configure a
to save failed responses only.

> If yes, I can try to implement it because I think it's a killer feature to
> understand the result of load test

I'm not convinced it is essential to understanding test results.
AFAIK this is the first time the issue has been mentioned; if it were
really important it would have been raised before.

We need to be careful not to keep adding code to JMeter for infrequent
use cases.

> Thank
> Antonio

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