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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: HTML 5 render in View Results Tree
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2016 14:56:07 GMT

Am 5. Juni 2016 15:44:16 MESZ, schrieb Philippe Mouawad <>:
>Looks to be a good idea.
>Indeed having a browser that interprets better the html is very useful
>during scripting phases.
>I find very frequently myself saving the html response (that contains
>response to a failed replayed request) and opening it in firefox or
>because it's unusable in the current html renderer.

I have to agree, that the current html3.2 display is a bit outdated. And I wanted to try integrate
the jfx browser to see, how much we would have to change. 

>This allows easily to read an error message or see some form that
>html 4 or 5 or just have the real look of an html page.

We could use the browser for the printable docs, which would allow us to switch to a more
modern html code for the docs. 

The jfx browser could also help with the current bug with the unbalanced parentheses in the
css stylesheet.

>Currently the html renderer is both slow and unable to render correctly
>nowadays html.
>The best option to me is to use javafx browser and interfacing swing
>javafx is possible.
>As a pre-requisite we should migrate to Java8 which should happen
>since some of our dependencies already started only support java8 (ph

Javafx should be doable with java 7, too.
But we would have to add the jfxrt.jar (or whatever it is called) top the classpath when running/compiling
on java 7.


>On Sunday, June 5, 2016, Antonio Gomes Rodrigues <>
>> Hi,
>> In "View Results Tree" we can see the response in HTML format.
>> It's a great feature to dedug a script and to understand what failed
>> a load test (with only error box checked).
>> And, to my knowledge, not all the load test tool have this feature
>> Unfortunately JEditorPane is only compatible with HTML 3.2
>> I have try to find a framework which support HTML 5 to replace
>> without success.
>> The only solution I have find is to use JavaFX webview but it seem to
>> complexe to integrate it in JMeter code (webview is easy to mix it
>> Swing code but in the case of JMeter, it seems more complexe)
>> Another problem with the mix between Swing and JavaFX is that we need
>> have a thread more (one to render Swing + one to render JavaFX).
>> Anybody have an idea to add HTML 5 in View Results Tree?
>> Or to make a screenshot each time an error occur
>> If yes, I can try to implement it because I think it's a killer
>feature to
>> understand the result of load test
>> Thank
>> Antonio

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