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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Java8 for 3.1 ?
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2016 15:21:58 GMT

Am 12. September 2016 17:09:31 MESZ, schrieb Vladimir Sitnikov <>:
>Felix>So it's still nearly one third of our potential users, that are
>java 7. That seems to be a good argument to support it, don't you
>Felix, I'm afraid you are misreading the data Antonio provides.

I have to admit, I did that slightly on purpose. 

My main point is really, that I would like 3.1 be a bug fixing release mainly. 

I would be in favour of releasing more often and I have no problem to update to java 8 after

>Java upgrade for production systems is conservative since not all the
>vendors/applications do _support_ Java 8.
>For instance, if you have a Weblogic 9 application server, then you
>use Java 6 (!) just because:
>1) It won't run
>2) Vendor (Oracle) does not support that configuration, so if you have
>issues you would have to resolve them on your own
>Basically the same thing applies to other software systems, so you
>"just use newer java at random".
>You must ensure vendor does support that newer java for the particular
>product version.
>Well, let's come back to JMeter:
>1) Nothing stops from using JMeter+Java8 to load test Weblogic
>application. Even if someone is stuck with Java 1.5+Weblogic 9 in
>production, it does not prevent from using Java 8 for JMeter.
>2) Most of Java 7 installations have security issues, and I think it is
>fair to say that almost noone is paying money for the java that is used
>JMeter. Once again, as we switch to "Java 8 only", we'll eliminate
>vector from our users' machines (they'll no longer would require to
>java 7 installed).

They are not required to have java 7 installed. 

>3) I think most of the development / testing is performed via Java 8,
>so it
>is even hard to predict if JMeter would work at all with Java 7.

Did you see any problems using java 8?

>To sum up "more than a half of production systems run on top of Java
>and JMeter is lagging behind.
>That is weird taking into the account that JMeter is a standalone tool.
>Felix>It would take no effort, but that was not the point.
>As far as I can see, "java 8 only" requires documentation/wiki update,
>an update to build script, so it creates source 1.8, target 1.8

I consider that as rather no effort, even if it has to be done, of course. 

Let's get the last bugs closed on 3.1 and target a java 8 release soon after. 



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