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From Woonsan Ko <>
Subject Want to help with migrating from Apache LogKit to SLF4J
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2017 14:36:16 GMT

I'd like to help with migrating from Apache LogKit to SLF4J [1], and
so I've been reading the current logging implementation with logkit,
avalon-framework and excalibur-logger.

>From my understanding, maybe we can take the following approach:
- Since SLF4J API doesn't provide a logging implementation or binding
by itself, we need to choose one at least such as log4j2 [2] or
logback. [3] IMHO, log4j2 binding provided by Apache Logging services
project could be a good default binding option.
- By the default binding such as log4j2, I mean JMeter should be
bundled with log4j2 library and its binding library as well as a
default configuration file (e.g, log4j2.xml), by default. It seems
neater to separate the logging configuration file from with simply following its default auto-resolving
conventions such as log4j2.xml [4] or logback.xml [5] to me.
- It seems like each Logger instance is created as a static member by
`LoggingManager.getLoggerForXXX()' method(s). I suppose all of those
should be replaced by simply using slf4j logger factory as done in
- It might be even better if each logging line is more optimized by
taking advantage of slf4j logging methods (e.g, message format
arguments and throwable argument).
- After all migrated, the old logkit and some other related unused
libraries should be gone.

Am I in the right track? Any advice or thoughts?

Kind regards,



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