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From Philippe Mouawad <>
Subject Re: GUI Mode : OOM Protection for View Results Tree or View Results in Table
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2017 20:13:49 GMT
On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 9:02 PM, Vladimir Sitnikov <> wrote:

> Philippe>GUI mode
> Please pardon my ignorance, however can you clarify what is the main
> difference between GUI and non-GUI modes that causes GUI to fail?

I am not sure you ignore anything about that Vladimir :-)
Can you clarify your question if it's a real one.

> Well, I saw your comment at
> er-review-33516-by-rahulsharma
> ,
> and I'm all ears to hear what the reviewer would reply.
> Is it just "non-GUI skips things like View Results Tree"?

This one is a big one. Did you see the last thread "High CPU utilization in
JMeter 3.x with HttpClient 4 leads to freeze" ?
Although user has checked "only errors" , he ends up facing issues due to
connect failure and possibly "bandwidth overload".
Once View Result Tree stacks Sample Results, we're done and JMeter will

> If so, I don't see much sense in having different limits on the number of
> threads in GUI and non-GUI modes.

I think there should also be a limit on number of thread in GUI mode,
because over a certain number of thread you'll face GUI freeze even with
light Listeners like Summary Report.
And I don't see any reason in Debug for using GUI mode for more than 10

> Some kind of "performance mode" (e.g. enabled by default) or "debug mode"
> (disabled by default) might help.
> For instance, in those modes JMeter would skip things like "View Results
> Tree" and other complex UI stuff.
> Does that make sense?
Yes, I find it a good idea but I am afraid of false bug reports.
Just see what happens with the Stripping mode enabled in 2.9. I still see
reports of people not understanding why in Distributed mode they don't see
the response.

I think we need to provide a OOTB solution (nothing to configure) that for
GUI works correclty for "debug mode" and blocks Load test mode.
But we can also add your mode which can suit some use cases.

> Vladimir

Philippe Mouawad.

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