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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Help testing new LDAP settings for PMCs
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2017 13:00:01 GMT
I've made the change.  Please either respond here or ping me on
hipchat if you spot any problems.

- Sam Ruby

On Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 6:53 PM, sebb <> wrote:
> The Whimsy PMC would be very grateful  if some volunteers from the
> JMeter PMC could help with testing a new setup for LDAP groups.
> This would involve some short tests to check if access for commit and
> still works OK.
> The current plan is to test the change on Tuesday.
> We need to test the following combinations:
> PMC member + ASF member
> =======================
> (I can do that, but others are welcome to help)
> PMC member but not ASF member, i.e.
> ==============================
> Antonio Gomes Rodrigues
> Philippe Mouawad
> Peter Lin
> For this group, we need to test access to the private@jmeter mailing
> list via
> Can one or more of you confirm whether you have access currently?
> i.e. can you access
> If you don't log in, you should get an error message.
> But if you do login (using your normal LDAP password, as used for SVN)
> you should be able to see the list.
> When the changes have been made, we need to see if you can still
> access the private list.
> Also, can you access the PMC-private SVN area:
> Committer but not ASF member, i.e.
> ===========================
> Mikhail Epikhin
> Maxime Chassagneux
> Deepak Shetty
> Andrey Pokhilko
> Vladimir Sitnikov
> For the last group, it would be helpful if someone could join Sam Ruby
> on a HipChat channel on Tuesday (US time, so afternoon or evening for
> people closer to Europe).
> I'm not sure if all of you have updated any files in SVN yet.
> Ideally we need to know if you can do so before any changes are made.
> If you want to try out SVN, there is a test tree here:
> -------------------------------
> Obviously the hope is that the changes won't affect access in any way.
> If everything has been updated correctly, you should not notice any
> difference in behaviour, and you won't need to change your account or
> the way you work.
> If you want to ask questions about the changes and the test, please
> use the dev@whimsical mailing list.
> -------------------------------
> What is being changed?
> ==================
> Currently, access to PMC resources is controlled using two separate
> LDAP groups - one for PMC members and one for committers. Each has a
> single list of members.
> The proposed arrangement is to use a single LDAP group.
> This has a list of members who are the committers, and a list of
> owners who are the PMC members.
> This change obviously affects the processes that grant access based on
> the LDAP groups to which an id belongs, so we need to test that things
> still work when LDAP is updated.

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