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From Emilian Bold <>
Subject JMeter GUI Undo/Redo
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2017 16:04:08 GMT

See my undo/redo commits

The 1st commit [1] fixes #57039 -- it was a matter of sharing internal
data and then editing that in the UI.

The other commit [2] rewrites part of UndoHistory using the standard
javax.swing.undo classes and also introduces the concept of an 'undo

This is needed to group multiple changes like the node changes after
"Search for a node by name".

The are probably many other places that need some
beginUndoTransaction/endUndoTransaction pairs, I've only added a few.

Also, we probably need a way to temporarily disable UndoHistory, for
example during loading. I haven't tested this, so please confirm if
loading large files has a big impact with undo enabled.

Some low hanging fruit exists for compound edits where we could
merge/swallow edits.



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