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From Andrey Pokhilko <>
Subject Re: Having a globalVariables shared accross threads
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2017 12:48:32 GMT
No, I don't ask about GUI elements (although it would make it easier for
newbie users). I mean a consistent and transparent behavior when not
only accessing, but also setting variable with prefix "global:" puts it
into global set. Thus, users would get simple, obvious and consistent
way to work with global and local variables.

Implementation-wise it will be Variables class modification, which would
delegate all variables with "global:" prefix into global thread-safe map.

Andrey Pokhilko

24.10.2017 15:11, Vladimir Sitnikov пишет:
> Andrey>Requiring JSR233 each time I want to use global variable sounds as a
> bit of overkill.
> Do you expect "putIfAbsent" or even "compareAndSet" UI elements? :)
> Andrey>I would seriously think of some naming convention, like "any variable
> starting with "global:" is global. Like ${global:myHostName} etc.
> +1
> Alternative (or additional) option might be an explicit variable
> declaration.
> Vladimir

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