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From "Epp, J Wyatt" <>
Subject RE: Having a globalVariables shared accross threads
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2017 16:27:31 GMT
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> From: Philippe Mouawad []
> Sent: Friday, 27 October, 2017 03:08
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> Subject: Re: Having a globalVariables shared accross threads
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This is a good effort.  I think in the interest of usability it would be
preferable if the global: prefix wasn't needed, but maybe that can be addressed

As far as the implementation, I see this as complementary to the existing
UserDefinedVariables in the TestPlan, so wouldn't it be better to reuse the
existing valueReplacer infrastructure as much as possible for this effort?  (I
was going to suggest encoding the variable scope as part of the type, but it
looks like they're just simple key-value pairs (Map<String, String>). Oh well.)

Alternatively, it might be better to simply improve properties by exposing UI
and API for properly working with them.  Looking at the class definition for
JMeterVariables (from your proposal), the comment at the top of the module even

 * Class which defines JMeter variables.
 * These are similar to properties, but they are local to a single thread.

So unless there's some nuance I've missed, what you need already mostly exists,
but it has a bad workflow and some of the details need work.

... Actually, thinking of some things I've tried to do myself, I think the
ability to define and set properties dynamically, then use them with a similar
sort of shorthand as regular thread-local varibles would be even more potent
than simple global variables.  Please consider it.


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