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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Controversial topic: Remove internationalization
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2018 15:22:12 GMT
On 5 January 2018 at 13:51, Felix Schumacher
<> wrote:
> Am 04.01.2018 um 17:31 schrieb Philippe Mouawad:
>> Hello,
>> Currently we provide ability to translate JMeter GUI in many languages.
>> In our tests we only ensure French translations are available because we
>> have french team members.
>> For other languages, we are in best effort and most probably the UI looks
>> non professional for many users as there will be a mix of english and non
>> english labels.
>> I am aware that it's a controversial topic and many people probably rely
>> on
>> translated GUI BUT:
>>     - I dislike the fact that GUI looks non professional
>>     - Why don't we have more translation contributions if they are used ?
>>     - It's a certain piece of work to maintain and create those
>> translations
>> So unless there is a magical way to fully translate all labels and
>> maintain
>> them efficiently, I am  in favor of:
>>     - Having english forced in setup instead of relying on default locale.
>>     It seems this happened accidentally in 3.3 and nobody complained about
>> it.
>>     - In a second step, and unless there is a big move to help on
>>     translation, I propose to drop all languages, even french one as it's
>> an
>>     additional work and we have other and a lot of things to do
>> Thoughts :-) ?
> I am not against the default language 'en', as it is the one used in the
> manual and therefore the best match.


> But I am against the removal of the option to switch languages, as there
> were contributions in this area, which indicates, that this feature is
> useful to some.


Also if a local user wants to fix the display for their language, they
can do so just by updating/providing the appropriate property files.
This ability would disappear if language support is dropped.

A missing/incorrect translation does not prevent JMeter working, and
if it bothers a user sufficiently hopefully they will provide a patch.

I agree with Graham that the way forward is to make it really easy to
provide translation updates.

> Felix

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