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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: PR390 - update mongo-java-driver version
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2018 13:13:29 GMT

Am 01.07.2018 um 10:08 schrieb Igor Sasovets:
> Hi, Team! Recently I opened PR to apache/jmeter github repository:
> Main aim of this PR is to allow
> users apply JMeter for projects which use MongoDB database.  I wanted to
> test my application that uses MongoDB database using JMeter but faced with
> problems which related to mongo-java-driver version. Since MongoDB config
> deprecated, I used JSR232 Sampler and wrote Java code that allows me to
> interact with database. Current version of mongo-java-driver (2.11.3) is
> out of date and I couldn't connect to my DB using created script. So, I
> decided to update mongo-java-driver version because it allows to use JMeter
> with MongoDB and has big impact to user experience (at least, for me and my
> colleagues). PR build failed due to problem with version of ant.

Hi Igor,

thanks for taking the discussion onto the mailing list.

The wrong ant version (on travis ci) was only a minor problem. The real 
problem with the pull request are:

  * the current version of the mongodb api has deprecated and removed 
some methods, that our old sampler uses.
  * the old sampler has been deprecated since version 3.0 as it seemed 
that there was no interest in maintaining it anymore and usage seemed to 
be low (to nonexistant).

So updating the jars on its own, will not help.

As linked in the PR comments, I tried to change the sampler to use the 
new API, but I couldn't do it while keeping backwards compatibility 
(which would be really good to have). So it might be better to use that 
as a start for a new sampler.

As Andrey pointed out, it might be better to split this sampler out of 
JMeter into its own plugin and distribute it separately. I think this 
would be a good idea, but I haven't done this before and am not sure 
about the best way to proceed here.

Would the new plugin need a new home, or could/should we maintain it as 
a subproject to JMeter?

We would need someone, that could support the plugin (sampler), as this 
was the original cause for us to deprecate it.

So there are quite a few points to discuss in this mail by now:
  * Keep the sampler in JMeter and update it or introduce a new sampler
  * Who could maintain the code
  * Where should the code live



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