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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Migrating build system to Gradle
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2019 19:02:21 GMT

Am 20.02.19 um 21:31 schrieb Vladimir Sitnikov:
> Hi,
> I think it is a good time to migrate build system to Gradle.
> Can you please express your opinion on that?
> If you struggle what to say, you might find the below options useful:
> [ ] ++1: 'Wow! I like this! Let's do it!'
> [ ] +1: 'Let's do it!'
> [ ] +0.9: 'This is a cool idea and i like it'

+1 to trying it out (either in a branch or if no sources have to be 
moved in trunk)

I have no experience with gradle, but I think it fits our setup better, 
as it should be more flexible compare to maven, which works best, when 
you structure your code like the maven standard structure.

I think our current ant setup is too complex, so investing time in our 
build setup is a positive thing. There is not only beanshell embedded, 
but javascript, too. Currently we have to check for the right version of 
ant as we use relatively new features, that are not available in older 
ant versions.

A few things I would like to see in a new build system:

  * builtin dependency resolution that is compatible with maven

  * an easy way to do release tags

  * good IDE support, so that a new user (or even an experienced one) 
can easily run and debug JMeter from within her favourite IDE

  * knowledge of GIT as a CVS ;)

  * builtin checks for hashsums of dependencies

  * should be familiar to many developers



> Philippe> No reason except time and volunteers.
> Philippe> If you’re willing to do it, I’ll be more than happy .
> What I do remember is:
> 1) "Maven is slow, so repeated builds would be very slow"
> 2) "Maven is bad for highly customized cases like JMeter".
> I'm not sure if there are other points, so feel free to add.
> #1 is very true since Maven builds modules one by one with no
> parallelism in mind. Maven is quite slow to startup and parse build
> configuration as well, and it is bad at incremental builds.
> However, Gradle has parallelism in mind, and Gradle has daemon mode
> (which is enabled by default), so repeated builds are super-fast. In
> fact, it would probably be faster than current Ant build.
> #2 is true as well. Maven configuration is a bit of a pain when you
> build non-trivial jar/tar structure.
> Gradle however allows to resort to "shell command" or things like
> that, so it should simplify things.
> I'm one of pgjdbc maintainers (PostgreSQL JDBC driver), and a couple
> of years ago there was migration to Maven.
> It did simplify things, however I would recommend going with Gradle rightaway.
> Felix> We have one long standing contribution that we didn't integrate (yet)
> Felix> from Emilian Bold. He started to migrate the layout of our source code
> I think we should be just fine to migrate in a single go.
> In my experience, you can't predict the desired Gradle layout.
> If we do multiple relayouts, it would just disturb people workflows
> multiple times. I don't think it is a good idea anyway.
> Vladimir

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