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From Milamber <>
Subject Re: Renaming NON GUI mode into CLI mode
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2019 19:31:18 GMT

On 12/02/2019 14:31, Philippe Mouawad wrote:
> Hello,
> What do you think or replacing or adding everywhere Non GUI  is mentioned
> the "CLI  mode" notion ?
> Indeed, if you look at concurrent load test tools (OSS or Commerical), they
> all use the Cli mode notion, and use this argument as being a plus for
> automation.
> Non GUI mode notion for JMeter is not meaningful for non jmeter users.
> I know in a previous proposal, Milamber wrote it was not really CLI.
> But IMO, if we compare it to other tool that use this notion, it is CLI.
> So why loose another good argument to select JMeter by keeping this Non GUI
> thing ?

The non GUI mode is more a "batch mode" than a CLI mode, but I'm not 
against to rename it if it's would better to understand for new users.

> Thoughts ?
> Regards
> Philippe

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